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interview from FV local Magazine “Macarronesia”

Dave Rooster is an Italian guitarist, singer and songwriter, born in Genoa in 1983, who came to Spain about 7 years ago, in search of new sounds and music. His stage name refers to her Grandfather’s surname, Gallo, Rooster in English.

He currently lives in the town of Lajares, where he is a resident musician at Canela Café, enlivening Jam sessions, and where you can also listen to him Tuesday night, in his solo performances, or maybe at the weekend with

Dave Rooster”s Band.

Macaronesia: Were you a born guitarist?

Dave: Not exactly, although my passion for music has great genetic content. As a child I was amazed to see my grandfather teaching music to children, playing guitar, piano … even accordion; a true multi-instrumentalist. My mother and my aunts and uncles also play instruments, but not professionally. When I was 10 my grandfather gave me a Jazz guitar —Eko— and encouraged me to go into this world, but let’s say that my dedication was not very continuous and I was passionate about many other things.

M: When did you start to really devote yourself to the world of music?

D: While studying Industrial Design in Torino. I began to participate in Jam sessions in a bar. There I met great musicians of the Jazz-fusion and experimental” scene with introduction of amazing instruments that helped me change my musical and rhythmic conception, especially the director: Toti. There I went from being confined in a Pop-Rock style to opening my horizons. These musicians told me about the wonders of the world of “Flamenco” and I decided to travel to Spain, to keep learning. After one season in Barcelona and another one in Tarifa, I came to Tenerife and then to Fuerteventura, where I have been living for 5 years.

M: How do you consider Fuerteventura, as far as music is concerned?

D: Fuerteventura for me is a great”working paradise”…

M: What, in your view, defines an artist?

D: Knowing what you’re singing, feeling and interpreting it. Never lose humility, which is, at the end of the day, what makes us keep learning and growing; and not stop chasing your dreams, as a man who doesn’t pursue his dream becomes a static being.

M: Tell us about your performances…

D: I’m a solo musician, but I have several collaborations with other artists. Paride on Violin, Nelson on Sax, I also have the Dave Rooster Band, with which I have performed in the VIII Corralejo Blues Festival this year. We are about to record a Blues-Fusion record, “thoughts”, with material I have been composing and arranging from 2008 until these last months

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