interview from FV local Magazine “Macarronesia”

Dave Rooster is an Italian guitarist, singer and songwriter, born in Genoa in 1983, who came to Spain about 7 years ago, in search of new sounds and music. His stage name refers to her Grandfather’s surname, Gallo, Rooster in English.

Macaronesia: Were you a born guitarist?

Dave: Not exactly, although my passion for music has great genetic content. As a child I was amazed to see my grandfather teaching music to children, playing guitar, piano … even accordion; a true multi-instrumentalist. My mother and my aunts and uncles also play instruments, but not professionally. When I was 10 my grandfather gave me a Jazz guitar —Eko— and encouraged me to go into this world, but let’s say that my dedication was not very continuous and I was passionate about many other things.

M: When did you start to really devote yourself to the world of music?

D: While studying Industrial Design in Torino. I began to participate in Jam sessions in a bar. There I met great musicians of the Jazz-fusion and experimental” scene with introduction of amazing instruments that helped me change my musical and rhythmic conception, especially the director: Toti. There I went from being confined in a Pop-Rock style to opening my horizons. These musicians told me about the wonders of the world of “Flamenco” and I decided to travel to Spain, to keep learning. After one season in Barcelona and another one in Tarifa, I came to Tenerife and then to Fuerteventura, where I have been living for 5 years.

M: How do you consider Fuerteventura, as far as music is concerned?

D: Fuerteventura for me is a great place to work, and enjoy life and watersports.

M: What, in your view, defines an artist?

D: Knowing what you’re singing, feeling and interpreting it. Never lose humility, which is, at the end of the day, what makes us keep learning and growing; and not stop chasing your dreams, as a man who doesn’t pursue his dream becomes a static being.

M: Tell us about your performances…

D: I’m a solo musician, but I have several collaborations with other artists. as Dave Rooster Band, we have performed in the VIII Corralejo Blues Festival in 2014.

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